Economic consequences of CAV infections

The immunosuppresive effects of CAV on broilers are economically significant.

Broiler chickens

CAV is immunosuppressive, affected flocks suffer from an increase of opportunistic and/or secondary infections. Broilers may perform badly due to poor feed conversion and reduced weight gain. It has been proven that even flocks that may appear normal but suffered from a subclinical CAV infection performed less well when compared to flocks that remained negative throughout the growing period. Also infections may result in increased condemnation rates at slaughter.

The effect of a subclinical CAV infection on the performance parameters of broilers was well documented by Mc Nulty et al.

Effect of CAV infection on Performance - % of deviation from the commercial average
Flock CAV status
% net income
Bonus %
Feed conversion
Weight %
Mortality %
- +2.4 +2.7 -0.4 +0.8 -0.16
+ -10.6 -8.8 +1.6 -1.7 +0.24


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